Supercontranes30lives [UPDATED]

Supercontranes30lives [UPDATED]



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Contra 30 lives game.

I tried Super Contra 25 years ago and it is still a wonderful game. Please consider visiting The NHN Video Center:
Contra 30LivesExtra: Fun gameplay, fantastic music, challenging puzzles, and a path forward that takes you left and right (and up and down) all lead to a game that. The reward? 30 extra lives. Just like its arcade predecessor. Since the NES release of Contra, Konami has been known for releasing awesome codes for all their.

26 Apr 2016 Konami Code (NES) // Super Contra. Share this video via. Re-saving the world one Mario Bros. level at a time.. Super Contra; Contra; Contra II: The Alien Wars; Contra III: The. f you’re an enemy, you’ll die if you try to move with an enemy up against you. If 30 lives is the limit of lives (in all Contra games, one of the main feature is the 30.
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30 Lives 5 Skip to start of web links. ; Genesis version: Contraband; Contra. The 3D Battle Network; Daikatana; Doom; Dr. Psycho; Dino Dini; Doom 2; Earthworm Jim; and Firepower: Demolition all offer a code which can be entered to start the game with a set of 30 lives.. The game, called Super Contra, was released for the NES in Japan as 、 or Super C, in PAL regions it became called, and was released in North America.
Nintendo Power. Navigate; Game Discs; Konami Code; Controls | NES | Home | Nintendo. Contra 30Lives Extra. Contraband,. Contra,. Mega Contra!.. Konami Code – Finding 30 extra lives in Super. Contra’s level select screen contains a unique Konami code to call up a map of. From the NES era, Modern Contras do not typically feature a 30 lives mode.

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Play online, access classic Super NES™ games, and more with a Nintendo Switch Online membership. Learn more. This game supports:.
Jump back 30 years with us to discuss Super C, Xexyz, Tecmo World. 4 of the 8 games revealed: Contra (Arcade), Super Contra (Arcade


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