Bluetooth Per Windows 7 Download UPDATED

Bluetooth Per Windows 7 Download UPDATED


Bluetooth Per Windows 7 Download

Different types of Bluetooth adapters have different device drivers. For most smart phones and mobile devices, the Bluetooth adapter shipped with the device is usually a normal Bluetooth device without additional drivers needed.

For devices with additional drivers such as Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth keyboards, which require special drivers, Microsoft recommends that you download and install the devices specific drivers to enable and use the device.

Note: You may need to take additional steps if you have specific Microsoft Windows* updates installed and are upgrading the Intel Wireless Bluetooth Software from previous versions. Visit Troubleshoot Issue with Intel® Bluetooth and Microsoft Windows 7* Updates for details.

Also, if you are planning on running the DroidJoy Bluetooth Server on your Surface, please refer to the following KB2969560 ( or

NOTE: DroidJoy (Bluetooth Server) may be listed as ‘Cloud Foundry’ in device manager. This is not the DroidJoy server, but rather the cloud foundry service that enables the DroidJoy server to run.


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